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adidas Mexico Authentic Home Jersey 22/23 (Vivid Green)


Adidas once again dip into ancient Aztec culture and heritage of the Mexico region to draw colorful and truly inspired design direction for the Mexican National Team. On the 22/23 Home Jersey, they’re finally back to their traditional green colorway, along with an aesthetically vibrant design inspired by the penacho (or copilli) of the ancient Aztec deity known as Quetzacoatl. The serpent-like god of the sun and wind, air, and learning, is often depicted with an array of feathers sprouting out from the rear of his head and back of his neck. The feathers line up in a way that’s much the same as what you see on the jersey above and lead all the way back to the wearer’s head. With this design, adidas achieves iconic simplicity as they recode the MNT legacy and provide the players and fans alike with an ancient spiritual strength.

Product Code: hd6898