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adidas Predator Freak + FG (Superlative Pack)


The Predator... has freakishly mutated. And the Superlative pack colorway drives home that freak-like feel with neon color tones and accompanying dark shades. Now, across your pair of Preds, there are game-changing spikes launching out from the upper and covering the vamp. The increased traction is shocking, and the spikes aren’t just for aesthetic – you’re getting 10% more spin on the ball with every curl and every pass in these beast-like boots. 2021 updates to the cleat include an extended Demonskin spike coverage intended to promote enhanced ball control and swerve on the pitch. Featuring an updated design informed by elite athlete feedback, the new Preds include a dramatic silhouette with a new split line high collar. It’s survival of the fittest out there, and these cleats are only fit for a truly savage Predator.

Product Code: FY0749