Reusch Receptor D1 Ortho-Tech Gloves (Red/Black)

By Reusch

$ 125
Palm of glove: Our D1 Durasoft foam is designed for playing conditions on artificial fields, indoor fields, or hard ground fields. This high quality smooth foam has an additive making it denser and more abrasion resistant, yet it maintains a good grip. Its fine porous structure provides the best impact damping qualities.

Backhand of glove: Soft PVC all over. Embossed foam design makes the glove more flexible at many breakpoints. The Wider Wrist Bandage gives the keeper a better fit and more control. Our free-floating Ortho-Tec™ stay system anchors the individual finger-stays at the extreme end of the glove fingers and thumbs; thus allowing unsurpassed flexibility and customization in the glove.
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