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November 06, 2023 7 min read

If you're here, chances are you're already smitten with the beautiful game of soccer. Known as football in most parts of the world, it's a sport that unites people across cultures and continents.

Maybe it's the thrilling victories of your national team that got you hooked, or perhaps you discovered your passion for the sport through the exhilarating world of FIFA video games. Regardless of where you are in the world, the love for soccer transcends borders.

Choosing a Premier League team can be a bit of a head-scratcher, even for the most devoted fans. It's not just about picking a team; it's about finding the one that resonates with your passion for the sport. Once you've made your choice, you're in it for the long haul. It's a commitment that runs deep. But don't worry; we're here to help you navigate this exciting journey of picking a Premier League team for you.

So many factors can influence a decision that the question, “What soccer team should I support?” can feel less like genuine inquiry and more like exasperation. If you’re ready to pick a Premier League team, this guide is your passport to discovering the perfect match for your soccer passion and allegiance.

How to Choose a Premier League Team

Remember, the choice is ultimately yours, but if you enjoy games and the camaraderie the sport brings, you might want to consider your friends and family’s allegiances. Additionally, they can help you familiarize yourself with the team and its players. You could also ask them about their experiences and the path they took to select their Premier League team.

Fan Accessibility

Before soccer’s American popularity surge (and definitely pre-internet), getting information and watching matches would have been massively challenging. Now, you can find huge pockets of fandom all over the web and even fan clubs in your local area. 

Not every team is created equal in this regard, and many of the smaller EPL clubs will be tough to follow outside their hometown. However, thanks to the internet, you can easily find team merch, including soccer posters to hang on the wall.

If you settle on a larger, more popular team, you’ll definitely have more opportunity to see the team play in person. The Premier League’s Summer Series of 2023 brought matches to large American cities such as Orlando, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. 

Undoubtedly, as soccer becomes more accepted in the U.S., more matches will occur stateside. If you need to get your EPL fix in your living room, you can stream the games on Peacock or watch most live on NBC Sports and the USA Network.

Star Players

Sometimes, it’s less about “What Premier League team should I root for?” and more about “What player do I like best?” The team's stars are the high-profile members who tend to attract lots of attention, whether for their playing ability or off-field activities. You might root for current players, such as Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah or Manchester City’s Erling Haaland. 

Alternatively, you may be fascinated by your favorite team's history and latch on to a legacy player, such as Christiano Ronaldo or Ryan Giggs.

Style of Play

As you immerse yourself in soccer’s many intricacies, you’ll find that each club has a unique style. While the purpose is to ultimately get the ball in the goal, how each team achieves this feat will vary from slow and intricate to fast and direct. Some teams, such as Brighton, will emphasize defense, while Newcastle United is more direct and charges upfield with more haste.


What would sports fandom be without rivalry? You’re not just learning how to pick a premier league team — you’re selecting who you’ll be rooting against. There are many historic rivalries in the EPL, such as Arsenal vs. Tottenham and Liverpool vs. Everton. The biggest of all, however, is undoubtedly Liverpool vs. Manchester United, which began 200 years ago. The animosity stems from Merchants of Manchester avoiding Liverpool’s port taxes by crafting a canal to bypass the city.

Winners vs. Underdogs

To be a fan is to enjoy wins and suffer losses, in whatever ratio they happen. Your chosen team may be an up-and-comer like Burnley, starry-eyed with visions of Premier League titles flashing before them. You know that following the club will be a roller coaster ride as they scramble for status, but it will be an exciting scramble. 

Other teams, such as Fulham, won’t be filling you with hope of a title win, but you and the other Cottagers will be a tight-knit group that counts celebrities such as Hugh Grant among your ranks.


Which EPL Team Should I Support? 

Now, it’s time to make a decision. Think of this as a Premier League quiz. Below are some of the most popular teams in the EPL and why you might consider them. 

Think hard, take your time, and don’t copy the answers of the person next to you. This single answer is worth the entire grade. Don’t worry — this Premier League team quiz has no time limit, though you might be feeling pressure from other fans to make a specific choice. There are 20 teams in the league, so you have a 5% chance of getting the right answer!

All kidding aside, each team offers something for every soccer fan. Maybe you like seeing scrappy underdogs topple giants, or you want to pick a side on a longstanding rivalry. Perhaps you want to choose a popular team because there’s a plethora of merch available and more opportunities to see them play in big cities. Whatever the case, here are some clubs you can get behind.

Manchester United

Can you guess the Premier League team with the biggest name recognition worldwide? It also happens to be the most famous sports franchise on the planet. If you guessed Manchester United, congrats! The team has featured some of the biggest names in soccer from Christiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs to current players such as Marcus Rashford and Casemiro. 

You’ll never be alone rooting for Manchester United, so if you like being part of a huge crowd of like-minded fans, you’ll be thrilled.

Man U hasn’t won a Premier League title in a decade, but that doesn’t mean they won’t rise to the same heights again. It’s difficult to imagine their winning days are completely behind them. 


If cheering for Manchester United makes your skin crawl, you’ll want to consider Liverpool. In 2019, they won the Champions League and the Premier League, and though they aren’t the force they were at that time, they’re still a top-notch club with incredibly talented players like Alisson Becker and Mohamed Salah. 

You won’t have any difficulty finding other fans of Liverpool, and you’ll quickly get swept up in the Liverpool vs. Manchester United rivalry, even if you’re not English. If you want to see a game in person, you’ll find that Liverpool isn’t quite as easy to get to as London, but if you’re just watching games through streaming or on television, it won’t matter. You’ll be too busy rooting for them.


With five Premier League season wins, Chelsea is a force to be reckoned with. For years, the team owner had deep pockets and was willing to spend on talent, signing Enzo Fernandez for $130 million, for example. He’s not the only big name, of course, and you’ll have decision paralysis trying to decide whether Raheem Sterling, Christian Pulisic, N’Golo Kanté, Thiago Silva, or one of so many other great players will be your favorite.

Tottenham Hotspur

With no titles under their belt, Tottenham Hotspur is an excellent team for fans who love pulling for underdogs. Tottenham Hotspur feels like a Cinderella story, with the team having clawed its way up from a mid-tier position to one of the hottest teams in the league. 

If you’re an American fan, good news! The Hotspurs like touring the U.S., so you have a decent chance of seeing them in person. If you can see a game on their native soil, they have a gorgeous stadium in North London. Perhaps you'll be able to witness star players like Heung-Min Son and Hugo Lloris. When it comes to intense rivalries, you'll certainly savor the passionate rivalry between Hotspur fans and Arsenal.

West Ham United

If you find Man U or Chelsea too mainstream, you’ll love West Ham United. If you have a pure love of soccer, you’ll have a hard time finding more passionate fans. While the rivalry with Millwall was once marked by intense hostility, it provides valuable insight into the unwavering commitment of West Ham U fans.

And speaking of fans, there are plenty of celebrity West Ham U supporters, including James Cordon. As for stars on the field, you won’t find the big names that dominate the sports page, but you will enjoy a solid team of players. 

Manchester City

Second only to Manchester United in Premier League titles, Manchester City is the team to back if you like watching your club win. They’re currently on a massive hot streak with players such as Striker Erling Haaland, Jack Grealish, Riyad Mahrez, and Zack Steffan excelling in their respective positions. The team is hugely popular in the U.S., so finding other fans won’t be a problem.


Arsenal has three Premier League title wins, but the last was around 20 years ago. If you base fandom on such success, you’ll be in for a roller coaster ride. But you'll love Arsenal if you want to support a bigger team than West Ham U with the same intense fandom. Also, you get to be part of one of the biggest rivalries in the sport (Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur). 

The team is extremely adept at leveraging social media and has a massive online presence, making you feel part of the team even if you can’t see them in person.


Gear Up for the EPL With Soccer Wearhouse

Learning how to pick a Premier League team is more involved than you thought, huh? No matter which team you choose, Soccer Wearhouse will help you get geared up to root for your favorite team. Before the next match, make sure you grab a jersey from Soccer Wearhouse so you look the part!