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November 06, 2023 5 min read

Think of your favorite soccer team’s jersey. What makes it attractive? What makes it unique? Professional teams need jerseys that stand out, not just so that players can identify each other on the field but so that they look professional and eye-catching. 

Fans adore stylish jerseys that make them look and feel great! If your favorite team rocked an unattractive kit, you might hesitate to wear it, which isn't the vibe they want. That's why teams invest in creatingsoccer jersey designs fans will absolutely love.

And what about amateur soccer teams? Don’t they deserve to havecustom team soccer jerseys, too? Thankfully, Soccer Wearhouse has what you need todesign your own soccer jersey! From informal clubs made up of a group of friends to the highest levels of professional clubs, everyone gets the same quality and craftsmanship. 


The Power ofSoccer Jersey Design 

Why would you need apersonalized soccer jersey? Having kits and equipment that look the part is essential for teams to feel legitimate. Even if you’re only playing backyard games with your buddies, having asoccer uniform custom-made for each team heightens the realism, and you’ll feel more connected with your favorite star players. 

Athletes, whether in a backyard or a stadium, play their best when they put attention and care into their gear, and it makes onlookers feel like the game has more stakes, too. 


How toMake Your Own Soccer Jersey

Tomake soccer jersey ideas come to life, you don’t have to be a design whiz, but you do need an idea of what you want. You might take inspiration from your team’s design and colors, creating a kit much like theirs. Alternatively, you could envision a wholly original concept and just need asoccer jersey maker to craft it for you. 

What’s important is that your jersey fulfills your desires, whether to contrast against your opponents’ designs, echo a specific team’s look, or build team spirit.

If you find coming up with your custom look too taxing, our designers will work with you tocustomize soccer jersey concepts until you get just what you’re looking for. You can provide a sketch to serve as a launching point and go back and forth with the design team to finalize the appearance. However, if you can draft up a bespoke design using editing software, it could be as simple as sending us an image file!

Choose the Jersey Style

After you envision your perfect design, the next step is choosing your jersey style. It's a pivotal moment in your journey to creating your soccer jersey. 

Consider factors such as the level of comfort and performance your team requires. Do you need a jersey that offers maximum breathability and durability for intense matches, or are you looking for a design that prioritizes style and aesthetics for the fans in the stands? Your choice of jersey style will cater to these specific needs, ensuring your team looks and feels its best every time they step onto the field.

Authentic Soccer Jerseys

An authentic jersey is made for actual use with hardy fabrics, rugged construction, and a slim fit. The feel is lightweight and breathable for the best possible performance. Any badges or letters are heat transferred to keep a slim, seamless appearance.

Replica Soccer Jerseys

Replica jerseys are made for appearance more than performance. They're more for fans showing support in the stands than players on the field. The fabric is less breathable, the logos are embroidered, and the fit is looser and more comfortable. 

Long-Sleeve Soccer Jerseys

For players in colder climates, long-sleeve jerseys trap warmth to keep players comfy. Since long-sleeve jerseys are meant to be practical, they’re typically made with the same construction as authentic soccer jerseys.

You can also select the brand of jersey you want, such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Joma, among others, and choose options for women's, men's, and children’s sizes and fits. Whether you prefer an existing team's design or a blank canvas, our experts are here to assist you in finding the perfect choice to fulfill your vision.

Customize with Team Colors

The most exciting aspect of crafting your kit is the freedom to choose your own color scheme, even when emulating your favorite team's pattern. Do you envision red instead of green? No sweat! Adapting an existing structure simplifies color changes, but creating your unique pattern is the real thrill.

Our designers will happily offer suggestions and make changes to ensure you have an aesthetically pleasing color scheme. If you’re searching for ajersey maker soccer teams rely on, choose Soccer Wearhouse for quality, durable kits. We work hard to maintain that reputation! We want your jerseys to look their best, too. 

Remember also that the colors on your screen may not necessarily reflect what the colors will look like in real life, so talk to our team about solutions for creating color schemes that work well on real fabric. 

Add Your Team’s Logo 

Soccer team logos are integral to a jersey’s design. Think about your favorite team’s logo. It’s probably pretty memorable. Whether it’s a classy British crest or an angular, modern design, it’s one of the things you love about your chosen club. Perhaps your logo is an homage to this design. Alternatively, you can have a completely new logo that you developed. Either way, your team's logo needs to be on your jersey.

The next decision you have to make is your logo's placement, size, and material. Starting with the placement, do you want it on the front, the back, or both? Will it be large and centered, or small and offset above the chest? And what material will you want? You’ll prefer a thin, transferred image for the most comfortable, lightweight design. 

An embroidered logo will work great if your jerseys are just for show. Alternatively, you could opt not to put a logo on the jersey so you can apply your own.

Personalize Names and Numbers

Before the big game, it's essential to personalize your team members' jerseys. You have the flexibility to customize their names and numbers, choosing the size and placement that suits your preferences. Typically, the number is prominently centered on the back, with the name displayed above it in the traditional style.

Since you’re getting custom designs, you can change this if you like. However, if you want to mirror a particular team’s appearance, you may want to stick with the standard placement and sizes.

But imagine this: you're ordering jerseys to pay tribute to your favorite players, perhaps even cosplaying as Cristiano Ronaldo. You can replicate the exact jersey he wore during his time at Manchester United. 

You could even get a jersey with no numbers or name. That way, you could apply them yourself or create a system to swap new ones on and off with velcro or adhesive. You could be a different legacy player whenever you go out to play or root for your favorite team on game day. With a custom jersey, your creativity knows no bounds, and the possibilities are limitless!


Custom Soccer Jerseys from Soccer Wearhouse

Your team has put in the hard work and is primed for action, but before you lace up those cleats and step onto the field, there's one more crucial aspect – looking the part of a winning team! Elevate your game withcustom soccer jerseys from Soccer Wearhouse. Our professional, comfortable, and uniquely designed jerseys will give you an edge and make you feel like a top-tier, world-beating soccer team!

Soccer Wearhouse’s design team is ready to work with you to create a custom jersey you and your team can be proud of. No matter what design skill level you have, we’ll be able to guide you through crafting the special jersey of your dreams. Contact us today to get started!