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AG Soccer Cleats

AG soccer cleats are a special type of shoe that are designed for use on artificial grass. The reason that these shoes are so popular is because they differ from traditional grass and turf cleats in both form and function. AG cleats are slightly different, in that they have round studs at the bottom as opposed to the combination round and flat cleats. Puma Future cleats are among the finest varieties of artificial grass soccer cleats, and you’ll find them right here in our store. If you’re excited to take your soccer game to the next level, shop for a pair of AG soccer cleats from Soccer Wearhouse today.


What are AG soccer cleats?

AG soccer cleats are an abbreviation for artificial ground soccer cleats. As the name suggests, these cleats are designed to give improved mobility to players when they are on an artificial turf field. AG cleats have lots of studs on the bottom of the shoe, though they are smaller than the studs on [FG cleats](

Can I wear AG cleats on other surfaces?

Amature soccer players can try to wear AG soccer cleats on a traditional firm ground field, but they may experience more slipping. Players at the highest level of their game should stick to AG cleats on artificial turf and other types of cleats for their respective field type.

Can you use FG soccer cleats on artificial turf?

Compared to artificial grass soccer cleats, FG soccer cleats have slightly longer studs to provide more grip in the dirt and mud. If FG cleats are worn on artificial turf, the turf may be damaged. This shouldn't be a problem for younger players, but be sure to check with your coach or referee if you are unsure.

What are the most popular brands of artificial ground soccer cleats?

Like most other types of soccer cleats, some of the most popular brands of AG soccer cleats include Nike, Adidas, and Puma. You’ll find countless brands of AG cleats wherever you look, so be sure to pick a pair that suits your preferences.

Are there any AG soccer cleats for children?

Yes! Similar to all other types of cleats, there are child sized varieties of artificial grass soccer cleats. Be sure to choose a size that will fit your son or daughter before placing your order.

What is the difference between artificial grass and turf?

Turf is technically a type of artificial grass, but the two terms do represent different surfaces. Artificial grass is a much higher quality surface to play on, as it better replicates real grass. Turf has much more of a “fake” feeling to it. Players will wear cleats with slightly deeper studs when they play on AG.