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Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

A good pair of soccer cleats can be the difference between foot cramps and scoring the game winning goal at your next soccer game. At Soccer Wearhouse, we offer over a hundred different pairs of firm ground soccer cleats for you to choose from. Every time you browse our inventory, you’ll be able to shop from popular soccer shoe brands like NikeAdidasUnder Armour, and more. Our soccer cleats are extremely affordable too. Plus our items are always going on sale, so be sure to check in often! Our team offers adult firm ground cleats in all sizes, but if you’re shopping for a young soccer player, we’ve also got a section for youth soccer cleats as well. With such a huge selection of soccer shoes to choose from, be sure to stick with Soccer Wearhouse.


What brands of soccer cleats can I buy at Soccer Wearhouse?

Soccer Wearhouse supplies adult soccer cleats from all of the major sports footwear brands. Shop for soccer cleats from [Adidas](, [Nike](, and tons of other brands that are known for their premium sports equipment.

On what surface should I wear firm ground soccer cleats?

Due to the studs on the bottom of the shoe, firm ground soccer cleats are designed to be worn on grass fields. The studs provide superior grip in otherwise slick surfaces like grass and mud. Studded soccer shoes should not be worn on asphalt or gym floor surfaces, as they may instead cause you to slip

Can I wear soccer cleats for football or any other sport?

Firm ground soccer cleats can be worn for football, but they shouldn’t be a first choice. Both require studded cleats for a grass field, but there are slight differences in football and soccer cleats. The same goes for [turf soccer shoes]( and a turf football game. However, firm ground soccer cleats should never be worn for sports like basketball, which is played on a gym court.

How should I clean my soccer cleats after a game?

Start by removing any chunks of dirt or grass stuck between the studs of your cleats. Afterwards, use a damp rag to clean off the bottom and sides of your soccer cleats. Make sure not to put your soccer shoes in the washer or dryer. Always wash them by hand and let them dry at room temperature.

What sizes of soccer cleats can I shop for?

When you find your favorite pair of soccer cleats on our website, you’ll be prompted to pick a size before checking out. Most pairs of adult soccer cleats have about a dozen sizes to choose from for both men and women.

Are soccer cleats for kids available at Soccer Wearhouse?

Yes, similar to our adult soccer cleat selection, our team offers a large selection of soccer cleats for children to choose from. Similarly, our kids soccer cleats are separated by surface, so you’ll have to choose from [youth firm ground soccer cleats](, [youth indoor soccer shoes](, and [youth turf soccer shoes]( before you start browsing.