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Soccer Jackets

Shop for soccer jackets at Soccer Wearhouse to show your team pride. We offer all kinds of unique jackets from some of your favorite soccer clubs around the world. We offer a selection of both men’s and women’s soccer training jackets for you to choose from, each of which comes in multiple sizes. Our soccer rain jackets are great for inclement weather, whether you’re on the stands or in the bleachers. Alternatively, a soccer training jacket couples well with a pair of soccer training pants that you can also find in our store. For jackets and all of your other soccer apparel needs, be sure to shop with Soccer Wearhouse.


When do players wear soccer jackets?

Soccer jackets are not traditionally worn by players during a match. Instead, players will don their soccer training jackets during warmups or after their match has concluded. Soccer players may also wear a soccer rain jacket if they want to practice in light rain. Fans on the other hand can wear them casually or wear them to show their team spirit from the stands.

What materials are soccer jackets made out of?

Most of our soccer jackets are made of polyester with a few that use cotton as well. Soccer rain jackets and soccer windbreakers are slightly different, as they use a type of nylon to better protect you from the elements. Some of our soccer jackets are even made of recycled materials.

What sizes of soccer jackets are available at Soccer Wearhouse?

All of your soccer jackets come in multiple sizes. Once you choose a soccer jacket that fits your style, you’ll be able to choose your size. We also offer a number of women’s soccer jackets that are sized specially for ladies.

What brands of soccer jackets can I get from Soccer Wearhouse?

Our team offers premium soccer jackets from popular brands. Shop for [Adidas soccer jackets](, [Nike soccer jackets]( and jackets from other brands that specialize in sports attire. You’ll also find other official soccer jackets from Puma and Joma.

Do any of the soccer jackets at Soccer Wearhouse come in my club’s colors?

Many of our soccer jackets come with the colors and logos of your favorite soccer clubs from the EPL, La Liga, and more. You can shop for soccer jackets for Barcelona, Arsenal, or even Club America.

Are soccer jackets part of a traditional soccer kit?

While many dedicated soccer players will wear soccer training jackets during their warmups, they aren’t an essential piece of equipment for every player. Soccer jackets are not usually worn during an actual game, even in the lower leagues.