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Soccer Scarves

Soccer scarves provide football fans like you some much needed warmth while watching your favorite team take the pitch. We provide a variety of soccer scarves that show off some of the most popular clubs in Major League Soccer and nations in the World Cup. Most of our full colored scarves are made of 100% acrylic and are machine washable. Plus, each of our MLS soccer scarves are officially licensed products, so you can feel confident that you’ll get a piece of apparel that’s built to last for seasons to come. Show appreciation for your favorite football club with a premium soccer scarf from Soccer Wearhouse.


What is a scarf called in soccer?

While there’s no issue with calling them “soccer scarves,” some players and fans refer to them as match-day scarves, as players often use them to rally on their team. Similar to sports towels in American football, soccer scarves are sometimes swung around in celebration.

Are there soccer scarves for my favorite soccer club?

All of our soccer scarves at Soccer Wearhouse are themed after a popular soccer club from around the world. We’ve also got soccer scarves for national teams like Argentina, Mexico, and the United States.

How big are the soccer scarves at Soccer Wearhouse?

Our soccer scarves will vary slightly depending on the brand that makes that particular scarf. You’ll find that most soccer scarves are about 8 to 10 inches wide and about 5 feet long. This means that they’ll be plenty large to wrap around your neck multiple times to keep you warm.

Are players allowed to wear soccer scarves during a game?

Professional soccer leagues do not allow players to wear soccer scarves while playing, as they can be a hazard if pulled or snagged. Instead, soccer scarves are enjoyed by the fans on the sidelines.

How do you tie a soccer scarf?

There are many ways to tie a scarf, and any will do just fine if you’re planning to spectate a soccer match. The easiest way to wear a soccer scarf is to adjust it on to the back of your neck and wrap it around in one direction until most of the slack is gone.

Can you wash and dry soccer scarves?

Yes. Soccer scarves can be cleaned in your washing machine and dried in your drying machine. We recommend a delicate setting to prevent your soccer scarf from becoming stretched or damaged. If multiple scarves are washed together, be careful when removing them, as they often become tangled.