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Soccer Captain Armbands

Shop for captain armbands from Soccer Wearhouse today. Soccer captain armbands are clear indicators that a certain player has the title of “team captain,” which comes with great prestige. In professional leagues, captain bands are mostly worn so that referees can quickly identify the team captain and communicate rulings during the game. These armbands are adjustable and easy to slide on and off of any player’s arm, making them the perfect soccer accessory for players in junior leagues, youth leagues, and pro leagues. Captain bands are traditionally worn on the left arm, on the sleeve of your soccer jersey. When you shop for a new captain band, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of colors, like red, blue, white, and neon yellow. Nike captain armbands are one of the most popular varieties. For soccer captain armbands and other soccer gear, be sure to shop at Soccer Wearhouse.