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Soccer Referee Jerseys

Soccer referee jerseys are a must have for any professional or amature soccer game. Soccer Wearhouse offers a diverse selection of soccer referee shirts for you to shop from. We offer both short sleeve and long sleeve soccer referee jerseys, so you can prepare for games during any season. Additionally, you’ll find that our referee uniforms come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to comfortably fit men, women, and young adults that are refereeing a soccer game. Also be sure to take a look at some of our other referee accessories to see what else you might need. Start shopping for your official soccer referee uniform from Soccer Wearhouse today.


What colors and styles do referee jerseys come in?

We offer a wide range of soccer referee uniforms to choose from. We offer traditional black uniforms as well as a wide selection of colored ones. Choose from red, yellow, blue, and green soccer referee shirts that are officially licensed.

What materials are soccer referee jerseys made out of?

A soccer referee uniform is made of similar materials to that of a traditional soccer player’s uniform. These include cotton, special blends of cotton and polyester, and some other synthetic fibers. Our soccer referee jerseys use moisture wicking fabric that keeps wearers cool while they’re active.

What sizes of referee jerseys are available?

All of our soccer referee shirts come in a variety of sizes that you can choose from before checking out. Once you’ve selected your favorite soccer referee jersey, you’ll be able to pick from small, medium, large, or whatever sizes are listed for that particular product. Many of our soccer referee jersey listings also come with a size guide for reference.

What other parts of a soccer referee uniform are there?

Soccer referee kits consist of almost the same gear as a soccer player’s. In addition to the referee jersey, officials will also wear soccer shorts, soccer socks, and shoes to suit the surface, oftentimes cleats. Soccer referees also carry around a whistle, red & yellow cards, and a notepad.

Do you offer any soccer referee gear other than soccer referee jerseys?

Yes. We also sell a number of [soccer referee accessories]( that will further help you look the part. You can gear up with soccer referee socks and a notepad that features official “yellow cards” and “red cards” that are used during the game.