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Soccer Compression Gear

Soccer compression gear will help boost your performance while you take your skills to the field. We offer a wide variety of soccer compression shorts, pants, gloves, sports bras and more. Wear your soccer compression pants while practicing or put on your soccer compression shirt underneath your soccer jersey while playing a match. We offer compression gear in a variety of styles for men, women, and children. Each piece of soccer compression gear also comes in multiple sizes, allowing you to cater to just about any athlete. Great for workouts and soccer games alike, be sure to get your newest soccer compression gear from Soccer Wearhouse today.


Can I use my soccer compression gear for when I work out or play other sports?

Absolutely! All of our soccer compression gear at Soccer Wearhouse is designed for athletic activity of any kind. You can wear your soccer compression gear while going for a run, practicing yoga, or (of course) playing a game of soccer with your friends.

How does soccer compression gear help my body?

Due to the tight fitting nature of compression gear, the goal of soccer compression shirts, pants, etc. is to absorb some of the strain on your muscles and increase circulation due to the tightness of the clothing. This helps ease the muscle swelling after playing in a soccer game or doing any sort of workout.

What types of soccer compression gear are available at Soccer Wearhouse?

Our soccer compression gear inventory features dozens of items to help you play at your peak. Pick up a combination of soccer compression shorts, pants, shirts, gloves and more to create a full outfit for your next soccer practice or workout.

Do the pros wear soccer compression gear while they play soccer?

Yes! If you’ve watched any professional or amateur soccer games recently, you’ll see that most players are wearing long sleeve soccer compression shirts under their [soccer jerseys]( It is also common for pros to wear soccer compression shorts during a match.

Does Soccer Wearhouse offer any soccer compression gear for women?

Yes! Our team has a wide variety of soccer compression gear made just for women. Be sure to browse our women’s soccer compression pants and tops at Soccer Wearhouse. We also offer some unisex items like compression gloves and neckwarmers.

Does your soccer compression gear come in multiple sizes?

Like most of our soccer apparel at Soccer Wearhouse, our soccer compression gear comes in multiple sizes that can be chosen when adding an item to your cart. We even carry a few items for young players, like youth soccer compression shirts and compression gloves.