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Soccer Socks

Soccer socks are an integral part of your performance on the field. These specially designed athletic socks do more than just complete the uniform — they enable players to play at their best by providing comfort, support, and protection. We offer soccer socks in various styles and colors to match team shorts, jerseys, or cleats. Whether you're training, playing in a professional match, or simply enjoying a casual game with friends, wearing soccer grip socks can make all the difference.

Browse our online selection of soccer socks to find your next pair. We offer a robust collection, including a number of grip soccer socks that prevent you from slipping. With dozens of colors and styles of socks for cleats, we’re certain you’ll find a pair (or two) that you’ll love. With our wide selection of both colored and white soccer socks, you can pick up a pair for either home or away games.

In addition to our countless varieties of adult grip socks for soccer, you’ll also find select pairs of youth soccer socks for the kids. Otherwise, many of our other pairs of men’s soccer socks and women’s soccer socks come in multiple sizes, allowing you to shop for just about any foot. Not all soccer socks are made equal, so we make sure to sell products of the highest quality. Gear up for game day when you shop for a new pair of soccer socks at Soccer Wearhouse.


What are gripped soccer socks and how are they different from traditional soccer socks?

Thanks to grip socks, soccer players can level up their game on the field. Gripped soccer socks have tiny rubber-like patches across the bottom of the sock (and sometimes across the entire sock) to reduce slipping within the soccer cleat. Thanks to this high level of grip, soccer socks provide ultimate support and protection. Order a pair today to see the difference for yourself.

What’s The Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Soccer Socks?

When it comes to soccer socks, men’s and women’s styles don’t vary too much in terms of design or function. Both are made to provide comfort, support, and protection for the feet and legs during play. The main difference may be in the size or fit, as women's socks are designed to accommodate the typically smaller foot size of female players. However, the choice between men's or women's soccer socks often comes down to personal preference and sizing rather than distinct design variations.

What colors of soccer socks can I shop for at Soccer Wearhouse?

We have a variety of colors and styles to suit any occasion. If you need plain reds, blues, blacks or whites, we have plenty of choices for each color. If you plan on cheering on a favorite football club from the stands, Soccer Wearhouse also provides team-themed non-slip soccer socks from some of your favorite clubs like Liverpool and Barcelona.

How do I wear soccer socks with shin guards?

Traditionally, soccer socks are worn over the shin guards in most leagues. Since shin guards are rather bulky and cover your entire shin, most soccer socks are knee-high so that your guards stay covered. To wear shin guards with soccer socks, start by attaching your shin guards to your shins, then pull the sock over your foot and shin guards.

What sizes of soccer socks are available at Soccer Wearhouse?

Some pairs of soccer socks will fit many sizes of feet, so they can be used for years (as long as they are well maintained). However, other pairs of soccer socks will give you the option to pick a size before checkout. You’ll be able to shop for youth soccer socks, men’s soccer socks, and women’s soccer socks all at once.

How much do a pair of soccer socks cost?

Depending on the length, brand, and design, you’ll find that most pairs of high-quality soccer socks cost around $10-$20 each. Long pairs of soccer socks and soccer socks with grips tend to err on the more expensive side. Some pairs may also be on sale at Soccer Wearhouse, so keep an eye out for limited time offers.

What brands of soccer socks are available at Soccer Wearhouse?

Our team supplies soccer socks from nearly a dozen different brands, each with their own styles. In addition to classic [Nike,]( [Adidas,]( Puma, and Under Armour socks, you’ll also find anti-slip soccer socks and referee socks from other brands you’ll come to love.

Why Do Soccer Players Cut Their Socks?

When watching a professional soccer game, you may notice that the backs of some of their soccer socks have tiny cuts in them. In men's and women’s soccer, socks can be restrictive for players with especially large calves, so they make cuts to make the material more flexible and breathable. This process isn’t necessary for amateur leagues or youth. Soccer socks need to be kept for entire seasons, and aren’t replaced every match like in the pros.