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Youth Turf Soccer Shoes

Youth turf soccer shoes are necessary accessories for young soccer stars that are playing on indoor or outdoor turf fields. Unlike traditional youth cleats, youth turf soccer cleats have lots of extremely short studs on the bottom of the soles, which are better for gripping the short grass on turf. Soccer Wearhouse offers over a dozen varieties of turf soccer shoes for kids, including shoes from brands like Nike and Adidas. As you browse our cleat collection, be sure to look at the sizes available to ensure your child has the best fit for their match. Shop for the best youth turf soccer shoes from Soccer Wearhouse today.


How do youth turf soccer shoes differ from traditional kids soccer shoes?

The most common type of soccer cleats for kids are called [youth FG soccer cleats]( These cleats have studs on the soles of the feet to provide superior grip on a grass field. Youth turf soccer cleats have studs as well, except they are smaller and more plentiful.

What brands of youth turf soccer shoes are available at Soccer Wearhouse?

At Soccer Wearhouse, our selection of youth turf soccer shoes mostly consists of Nike brand soccer shoes, with a few exceptions from Adidas. Be sure to check in often to see if we’ve added new products to our inventory.

Can my child wear turf soccer shoes on a grass field?

Kids can wear youth turf soccer shoes on a regular grass field, but they may not have as much grip. Professional soccer players use FG soccer cleats for the larger studs, which allow players to turn and pivot much more precisely. However, for most young players, the difference between youth turf soccer cleats and regular cleats may not be apparent.

What kind of gear do kids need to play indoor soccer?

In addition to their indoor soccer shoes, players will also need a team [soccer jersey]( and [soccer shorts]( to complete the outfit. It’s also important for children to wear [shin guards]( under their [soccer socks]( to protect themselves from slide tackles and aimless kicking from other young players.

Do turf soccer shoes come in different colors?

Absolutely. At Soccer Wearhouse, you’ll find that all of our youth turf soccer shoes come in a wide variety of colors. Pick from blacks, whites, blues, yellows and many other color combinations you’ll love. This will allow your young one to pick their favorite style to show off at their next indoor soccer match.

How tight should youth indoor soccer cleats be?

When kids put on their indoor soccer shoes, they should feel like an extension of their bodies. Make sure the soccer cleats are tight, allowing your child to run without feeling encumbered, or tripping on their own feet.