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Youth Soccer Cleats

Youth soccer cleats play a pivotal role in any young player's journey, providing them with the necessary support and balance to perform at their best on the field. These specially designed shoes are more than just another piece of sports gear — they’re a critical item that can help children play safely and effectively. Whether they’re training with their teammates or participating in a competitive match, kids’ cleats are an essential part of a young athlete's soccer gear. 

Youth soccer cleats are available online in dozens of styles at Soccer Wearhouse. Our collection features some of the best youth soccer cleats available, including the latest products from brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma. At Soccer Wearhouse, we aim to provide a robust selection with all types of girls and boys’ soccer cleats. That’s why we provide a combination of little kids’ soccer cleats, youth firm ground soccer shoes, indoor soccer shoes, and turf soccer shoes. Furthermore, each pair comes in multiple children’s sizes, so you’ll be able to accommodate kids of all ages. With dozens of pairs to choose from, shop for all of the best youth soccer cleats at Soccer Wearhouse.


Are metal cleats allowed in youth soccer?

This is almost entirely dependent on the league your child is playing in. For adults, metal cleats are not against the rules, but since children can be less careful, they are often banned for the kids’ safety. Ask your coach or official about the best children’s soccer cleats for their league.

Can my kid wear soccer cleats for baseball?

Soccer cleats can be worn by baseball players in little league and youth leagues, but baseball cleats should not be worn during a soccer match. Soccer cleats (youth and adult sizes), have extra toe studs that can badly hurt other players while doing a steal or slide tackle.

What brands of youth soccer cleats are available at Soccer Wearhouse?

We offer boys’ and girls’ soccer cleats in a variety of popular footwear brands that soccer players will know and love. Shop for dozens of youth soccer shoes from [Adidas](, [Nike](, [Puma]( and more. Be sure to shop by your favorite brand at Soccer Wearhouse.

How should kids’ soccer cleats fit?

When your child puts on their youth firm ground soccer cleats, they should fit snugly onto the foot to protect them while running. However, your child should still have enough room in the front of the cleat to comfortably move their toes without much restriction.

Should my 5 year old wear soccer cleats?

At such a young age, youth soccer cleats are not always essential. They are not a requirement in most organized leagues for kids, but it’s worth noting that they will reduce injury and will ultimately improve foot health for dedicated players.

Should I buy different cleats if my child plays indoor soccer?

Yes, in the game of soccer, different surfaces will require different types of youth soccer cleats. Kids’ outdoor soccer requires players to wear spikes or studs, but indoor players need to wear kids’ soccer shoes with flat soles. Be sure to browse our selection of [youth indoor soccer shoes]( to find a pair for your child to wear while playing indoor soccer.