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Soccer Jerseys

Shop for official soccer jerseys and more from your favorite soccer clubs and national teams. At Soccer Wearhouse, you’ll find premium soccer club jerseys from teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid, as well as national soccer jerseys from countries like Mexico and the United States. Soccer Wearhouse has hundreds of official soccer jerseys from the latest FIFA World Cup, including soccer gear from the world champions, Argentina. With hundreds of custom soccer shirts for sale, you’re sure to find apparel from your favorite players at a price you’ll love. Our jerseys are constantly going on sale, so you’ll see soccer uniform kits that are 10%, 20%, or even 40% off. 

When you browse our collection of soccer jerseys, you’ll also be able to sort by brands, prices, or search for specific clubs that you’re interested in. When you’re shopping our online store for exclusive custom soccer jerseys, Nike and Adidas are just a couple of the top-rated brands you can choose from. We also make sure to have a multitude of sizes, allowing you to shop for childrens, women’s, and men’s soccer shirts — all in one place. Check out our jerseys and start constructing your new soccer uniform with Soccer Wearhouse today.


How Long Will It Take To Receive Custom Soccer Jerseys Near Me?

At Soccer Wearhouse, we enable you to design custom soccer jerseys that offer a personalized experience. That’s why nearly all of our jerseys have their name and number sets pressed in house. All of our authentic soccer jerseys with name and number sets are considered “custom jerseys” that need to be pressed in house. To achieve the premium quality of an authentic jersey, it will take our team about 2-3 weeks to prepare your custom soccer jersey and ship it to your door.

Where can I shop for inexpensive soccer jerseys?

Soccer Wearhouse offers hundreds of soccer jerseys for sale from all your favorite teams and players. Price points vary from jersey to jersey, but it's easy to find an affordable jersey with the help of our price filter. Simply choose your price point and browse through official soccer jerseys from dozens of clubs. We’ve got inexpensive jerseys under $50 and brand new, premium ones for a higher price.

What do I need to complete a soccer uniform?

Soccer uniforms, or soccer kits, require a few fundamental components if you’re going to play a soccer match. In addition to a soccer jersey, you’ll also need a pair of [soccer shorts]( and a pair of good-fitting [soccer socks.]( Depending on the surface you’re playing on, you’ll also need a specific [pair of soccer cleats.](

Are soccer jerseys from Soccer Wearhouse authentic?

Soccer Wearhouse offers a variety of official soccer jerseys and lower priced jerseys that fit great for a real soccer match. Our team provides hundreds of authentic soccer jerseys from the latest season in addition to non-branded soccer jerseys for casual use. If you’re looking to design authentic custom soccer jerseys, Adidas, Puma, and Nike are great options. However, we also carry more affordable brands like Charly and Joma. We strive to ensure there are always new options featured in our store, so you can access the latest clothing and apparel trends in the soccer world.

How should I wash my soccer jersey to best maintain it?

Start by treating any grass or dirt stains before putting your soccer jerseys into the washer. You should always wash soccer jerseys inside out, with other jerseys. Wash with warm or cool water, but be careful not to mix white jerseys with colored ones in the wash, or the colors may bleed onto one another. Many of our jerseys are labeled “machine washable” if applicable.

What brands of soccer jerseys are available at Soccer Wearhouse?

We offer all kinds of soccer jerseys from brands you love, with the option to shop for only those specific brands. Choose from hundreds of [Adidas soccer jerseys,]( [Nike soccer jerseys,]( [Puma soccer jerseys]( and many more.

Which soccer club jerseys are available at Soccer Wearhouse?

We supply hundreds of soccer club jerseys from some of the biggest leagues on the planet. Browse [Arsenal]( and [Chelsea]( soccer jerseys from the EPL, [Inter Miami]( and [LA Galaxy]( jerseys from the MLS, and many more. Fans can also buy soccer jerseys from their favorite national teams, like [Mexico,]( [Spain]( and [the United States.]( Fans of the [2022 World Cup]( will also find official jerseys for some of their favorite national teams.

What sizes of soccer jerseys are available?

All of our soccer jerseys for sale at Soccer Wearhouse come in multiple sizes, allowing you to shop for all of your loved ones in one place. Choose from small, medium, large, extra large, and occasionally a few larger sizes. Our official soccer jerseys are unisex, so you can simply choose an appropriate size in lieu of a women’s soccer jersey or kids soccer jersey.