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Soccer Pants

Slip on your new pair of soccer pants and head out to the pitch! Soccer Wearhouse offers all kinds of soccer pants for you to wear while you practice your skills or watch the big game. Our collection features a combination of both men’s soccer pants and women’s soccer pants, so you’re almost certain to find a pair that fits your style. When you order Nike and Adidas soccer training pants, you can dress for the game you love without breaking your budget. All of our soccer sweats also come in multiple sizes, but we offer youth soccer pants as well if you’re shopping specifically for a young player. No matter what kind of soccer gear you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it when you shop from Soccer Wearhouse.


Does Soccer Wearhouse offer women’s soccer pants?

Our apparel selection features a good variety of women’s soccer pants in addition to our unisex/men’s soccer pants. Soccer Wearhouse has always made an effort to supply women’s soccer gear of all kinds, so be sure to check out our [soccer jackets](, [soccer shorts]( and more.

Can I wear soccer pants during a real, competitive soccer match?

Yes. Most minor leagues will allow soccer players to wear long soccer pants during their match if the weather is chilly or breezy. However, make sure to check with your coach or referee to ensure that you aren’t breaking any league rules.

How many pairs of soccer pants can I add to an order?

There are no limits to the number of items you add to your order. Once you select the size that you would like for a specific product, you’ll be able to increase the number of units. This will allow you to outfit your entire team with soccer pants of the same style.

Are any of your soccer pants themed around professional teams?

While most of our soccer pants are just branded from [Adidas](, [Nike](, etc., we do offer a few pairs of club soccer pants. Fans of Liverpool FC, Paris Saint-Germain and a few other popular football clubs will be able to find themed soccer sweats to wear around the house or to the next match.

Where can I shop for soccer pants for kids?

At Soccer Wearhouse, we do offer a small selection of youth soccer pants. After picking a style, like all of our other soccer sweats, you’ll be able to choose your preferred size of children’s soccer pants before adding them to your cart. Be sure to check in often to see if we’ve added even more options for youth soccer pants.

Can I use these soccer pants if I play as a goalkeeper?

While you can wear these soccer sweats if you’re playing a pickup soccer game, we would recommend pants that are made specifically for goalies. Soccer Wearhouse offers a few varieties of [goalkeeper pants]( listed separately from our regular soccer pants.