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Soccer Patches

Soccer Wearhouse offers over 100 unique soccer patches for fans to collect. Soccer patches, like many other sports patches, can be applied to a jersey to commemorate an event, cause, or affiliation that they care about. Pro players are constantly applying soccer patches to their jerseys for sponsors, charities, and social causes. Now fans can also apply soccer patches to their soccer jerseys with ease. These iron-on soccer patches can be attached to a jersey in a matter of minutes using an ironing board. Soccer Wearhouse carries official patches from teams all over the world. You can shop for the newest patches and vintage patches from years past. You can also email us at if there is a specific patch you’re looking for. Start your collection of soccer patches for jerseys today!


Why do soccer players wear soccer patches?

Soccer patches are worn by just about every professional and semi-professional team to celebrate a certain cause or event. Other times these patches represent an achievement for a player or team. Youth leagues will sometimes hand out soccer patches to players to show that they’ve improved or demonstrated excellence on and off the field.

What are the different types of soccer patches?

Soccer patches can feature all kinds of imagery to commemorate just about any major event or team in the world of soccer. We offer all kinds of soccer tournament patches from the FIFA World Cup, Champions League Finals, and more. Next, we have soccer team patches, which are for fans to celebrate a certain team. Finally, we have patches to commemorate a social cause, like breast cancer awareness or BLM.

Which soccer team patches are available?

For fans that want a soccer patch that represents their favorite team, Soccer Wearhouse has you covered. You can shop for iron on soccer patches that celebrate the LA Galaxy, Chelsea, LAFC, and Inter Miami, to name a few.

Where do you put soccer patches on a jersey?

There are a few places! Soccer patches are traditionally worn on the arm of the [soccer jersey,]( just beneath the shoulder. However, it isn’t uncommon for iron on soccer patches to be attached on the chest of the jersey or on the corner of a pair of [soccer shorts.]( If you’d rather just collect them, that’s fine too! There are plenty of soccer fans that purchase soccer patches and put them on display.

How do you iron on soccer patches?

Start by pressing the patch against the clothing that you would like to attach it to, often a soccer jersey. Next, preheat your iron for a few minutes, until it is warm. Finally, press the hot iron against the patch for 30 to 40 seconds and let it cool. Your iron-on soccer patch should be attached! Some of our iron-on soccer patches have instructions on their page if you have any questions.