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Soccer 3/4 Pants

Shop from our selection of soccer 3/4 pants, great for soccer games and field practice. Soccer capris offer a mix of flexibility and protection that you can’t find in other pairs of pants or shorts. A pair of three quarter soccer pants are a great fit for both spectators and soccer players alike. Whether it’s spring, summer, or fall, three quarter pants from Soccer Wearhouse are a great fit. A pair of soccer 3/4 pants is more breathable than a regular pair of pants, and can be used for jogs, bodybuilding, hikes, or even just casual wear. Get your own pair of three quarter soccer pants today.


Can I wear soccer 3/4 pants during my soccer game?

Most soccer leagues allow players to wear soccer capris in substitute of traditional [soccer shorts]( during their games. Make sure to check with your coach or league officials before your next soccer game to be certain what kind of soccer apparel is approved.

How do soccer 3/4 pants differ from traditional soccer shorts?

While very similar to [soccer shorts](, three quarter soccer pants are slightly longer in nature. Soccer shorts will usually cover a majority of your thighs, but soccer three quarter pants will commonly come down past your knees.

What are the benefits of using three quarter soccer pants rather than regular soccer pants?

Both are acceptable to use during practice and workouts, but soccer 3/4 pants are much more breathable than full pants. When wearing long [soccer socks]( that can cover half of your leg, the extra breathability can prove extremely convenient.

Can I wear soccer capris while I am acting as the goalie?

Soccer Wearhouse offers a few pairs of soccer 3/4 pants and long pants that are made specially for goalies. These pants have padding for the hips and knees, for additional protection while diving or sliding for a save. If you’d like to shop exclusively for goalies, you can browse our selection of [goalkeeper pants]( as well.

Can I get three quarter soccer pants for my kids?

While Soccer Wearhouse may not have any specifically-youth sizes of soccer 3/4 pants, all of the pairs we have available come in multiple sizes. You can choose to order a pair in either the small or extra small size for a pair that will fit young adults. Be sure to come back often to see if we’ve added any new styles that might be a better fit.

Can I wear soccer 3/4 pants even if I don’t play soccer?

Athletes from all kinds of sports choose to wear 3/4 shorts while they train, and you can too. Put on your soccer capris before you play your next game of basketball, run a marathon, or even sit on the couch. They’re comfortable everywhere!