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Soccer Shorts

Soccer shorts are a central part of any team’s soccer uniform. When you shop for your latest pair of men’s or women’s soccer shorts from Soccer Wearhouse, you’ll be able to browse through dozens of pairs from brands like Adidas and Nike. Most pairs of soccer shorts on our website come in multiple colors, so you’ll be able to pick a style that fits your team. We also provide women’s soccer shorts and soccer shorts for men in every size, so you’ll be able to accommodate your entire team at once! Be sure to check out our soccer shorts collection today to find your next pair.


What colors of soccer shorts are available?

Soccer Wearhouse supplies dozens of different styles of soccer shorts allowing you to create a full soccer kit. Shop for tons of variations of black, white, blue, yellow, and red soccer shorts to pair with your matching [soccer jersey](

Can I order soccer shorts for my entire team?

You can order any number of pairs of soccer shorts from our website. Simply select a size, choose the number of pairs you’d like to order, then add them to your cart. Afterwards you’ll be able to repeat the process for each other size.

Do soccer shorts have pockets on them?

Not all pairs of soccer shorts come with pockets on them. At Soccer Wearhouse, we sell a mix of pocketed shorts and soccer shorts with no pockets. Therefore, it's best to review each pair of shorts individually before making a purchase if pockets are an important factor to you.

Can I buy both men’s soccer shorts and women’s soccer shorts at Soccer Wearhouse?

Yes! Our collection is predominantly unisex pairs of soccer shorts that can be worn by either men or women, but we do offer pairs that are exclusively women’s soccer shorts. Select a specific pair of soccer shorts to see sizing options.

What is the best brand of soccer shorts for a soccer player?

Every professional soccer club has their sponsors, but there isn’t one brand that makes better soccer shorts than the rest. That’s why at Soccer Wearhouse, we provide [Adidas soccer shorts](, [Nike soccer shorts](, and other pairs of soccer shorts from brands you know and trust.

How long are men and women’s soccer shorts?

While this ultimately comes down to how large the person is, most pairs of soccer shorts go down to slightly above the knee. The lower legs are usually covered by [shin guards]( and [soccer socks](, so oftentimes only a soccer player’s knees will be exposed during a soccer match.