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Soccer Medals

Are you a die-hard soccer fan with a passion for the UEFA Champions League? Then you've come to the right place! Our exclusive collection of replica Champions League medals allows you to celebrate and commemorate the glorious achievements of these legendary clubs.

At Soccer Wearhouse, we take pride in offering premium quality, replica medals that capture the essence of the prestigious Champions League. Our Chelsea and Liverpool replica medals pay tribute to the clubs' rich history, showcasing their impressive accomplishments on Europe's grandest stage.

Chelsea fans can relive the club's remarkable journey, from their nail-biting maiden victory in 2012 to their resounding triumph in 2021. Our meticulously crafted medals feature intricate details, replicating the iconic design of the coveted Champions League trophy. With these stunning pieces, you can evoke the magic of those unforgettable nights at Stamford Bridge and beyond.

Liverpool supporters can also immerse themselves in the glorious past, with medals representing the club's six Champions League titles. From the dramatic 2005 win in Istanbul to the 2019 success in Madrid, our collection encompasses every milestone in Liverpool's illustrious European history. 

Our replica Champions League medals are perfect for collectors, soccer enthusiasts, and fans. These medals capture the true essence of the prestigious competition, making them an ideal addition to any soccer memorabilia collection or a thoughtful gift for the soccer fan in your life.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of soccer history. Browse our comprehensive collection of replica Champions League medals, and bring home the excitement and prestige of Europe's most celebrated club competition today.