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Youth Indoor Soccer Shoes

Youth indoor soccer shoes are quite different from most pairs of soccer cleats. Youth indoor soccer is similar to the outdoor game, only there are fewer players. Youth indoor soccer is a great activity for young players to stay active during the off season. Unlike traditional youth soccer cleats for a grass field, youth indoor soccer cleats don’t have the defined spikes on the bottom for grip. Instead, these shoes are padded for better maneuverability on a hard court. “Futsal” is a version of soccer that is played on a hard court and uses shoes like these. You’ll find all kinds of youth futsal shoes in our store, including pairs from Nike and Adidas. We make sure to supply the best youth indoor soccer shoes to ensure that we have a comfortable size for every child. Nevertheless, whether you’re shopping for outdoor or indoor youth soccer shoes, be sure to get them from Soccer Wearhouse.


What makes youth indoor soccer cleats different from outdoor cleats?

Due to the surfaces that each game is played on, indoor soccer cleats do not have any spikes or studs on the soles of the feet. [Youth FG soccer cleats]( have these spikes to help children and adults grip the surface of a muddy or wet field.

Can my kid wear indoor soccer shoes for an outdoor game?

Depending on the age of the child and the intensity of the league, this may be permitted. However, by adding studs to the soles of their cleats, kids will have a better chance of running on a wet or muddy field without slipping. Simply put, FG cleats have clear advantages for players of all ages.

What brands of youth indoor soccer shoes are available at Soccer Wearhouse?

Soccer Wearhouse offers over a dozen different varieties of youth indoor soccer shoes for you to choose from. Our two most popular brands are our Nike cleats and our Adidas cleats, each with multiple styles and sizes to choose from. You can get your favorite kids indoor soccer shoe by sorting by brand at the top of the page.

Do youth indoor soccer cleats come in different sizes?

Yes! At Soccer Wearhouse, you can choose indoor soccer cleats for kids in just about every youth size. When you choose a style of cleat that you like most, you’ll be prompted to choose from a list of children’s shoe sizes before placing your order.

What surfaces can youth indoor soccer shoes be worn on?

Youth indoor soccer cleats are designed to be worn on hard surfaces, like an indoor court (basketball or volleyball for example) or asphalt. Due to the lack of studs on the bottom of the shoe, indoor soccer cleats may cause more slipping when worn during grass play.

Can my child wear youth indoor soccer shoes to play other sports?

Youth indoor soccer cleats are very similar in design to regular basketball shoes, so they can be worn while shooting hoops, playing street hockey, or running. Most of the time, indoor youth soccer shoes can be worn any time regular gym shoes are worn.


When kids are growing up, their feet seem to constantly be growing out of one pair of soccer shoes and into another. When you buy your next pair of youth indoor soccer cleats, you may want to consider getting a small pair of [indoor soccer shoes]( for adults instead. Compared to youth, adult soccer shoes have more detail about width.