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Adidas Goalkeeper Gloves

Adidas goalkeeper gloves are some of the highest-quality soccer gloves in the game. Almost all high-level soccer goalies use goalie gloves, as they provide extra grip and a layer of protection while playing. Luckily, Adidas soccer gloves come in all manner of sizes to accommodate every level of play. One of the brand’s most popular pairs is the Adidas Predator gloves. These Adidas soccer gloves are preferred for their superior flexibility and grip for ball handling. When you choose your favorite pair, you’ll be able to choose which size of goalie gloves will fit best. The Adidas Junior Predator gloves are also available with the same benefits in a smaller size. Once you’ve picked up a pair of Adidas goalie gloves, also be sure to check out our Adidas goalkeeper jerseys to complete your kit. Pick up a pair of Adidas Predator pro goalkeeper gloves from Soccer Wearhouse today.