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Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer shoes are a must have for any indoor, arena soccer play. Unlike traditional soccer footwear, indoor soccer cleats don’t use studs that dig into the dirt and grass. Instead, indoor cleats use padding (similar to gym shoes) for easy turns and a firm grip on a hard court. Luckily, Soccer Wearhouse offers dozens of varieties of indoor soccer shoes for you to shop from. You’ll be able to browse indoor cleats from brands like NikeAdidas, and Puma, just to name a few. When you find a shoe that you like, you’ll be able to view the mens and womens sizes, listed alongside the product. For indoor soccer shoes and any other soccer footwear you need, be sure to shop with Soccer Wearhouse.


What sizes of indoor soccer shoes are available at Soccer Wearhouse?

At Soccer Wearhouse, we offer multiple sizes of indoor soccer cleats for every style and brand in our inventory. Expect up to 12 different sizes to choose from once you’ve decided on a pair that you like. If we’re out of stock for any particular size of soccer shoe, you’re welcome to [contact us]( to get an estimate as to when they’ll be available again.

What is the difference between indoor soccer shoes and regular soccer cleats?

The soles of the two types of shoes mean that they’re designed for different surfaces. Indoor soccer shoes don’t use spikes, which are a hindrance on a hard court. Indoor soccer cleats are also a bit lighter, as they don’t need the added protection against other spiked cleats on a soccer field.

Can indoor soccer shoes be used for outdoor play?

If you play outdoor soccer with indoor soccer shoes, you’re not likely to get much traction, so you’ll end up sliding around a lot. For a casual pickup game among your friends, the type of shoes you wear isn’t as big a deal. But, for a competitive outdoor soccer match, outdoor soccer cleats with studs are essential.

Does Soccer Wearhouse offer any indoor soccer shoes designed for women or children?

Most of our adult indoor soccer shoes are unisex, so they can be worn by men and women. When you pick a favorite style, you’ll see sizing options for both men and women. As for children, you can browse our selection of [youth indoor soccer shoes]( which are housed on a separate page.

How tight should I tie my indoor soccer shoes?

Tie your indoor soccer cleats securely, but not so tight that you’re uncomfortable. You should be able to wiggle your toes without restrictions. If not, you may need a larger pair of soccer shoes. As long as you can move around on the field without feeling restricted, keep trying different tightnesses to discover what makes you more competitive.