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Soccer Slides

Soccer slides are a type of flip flop that soccer players wear when they’re in the locker room before or after a match. Our team at Soccer Wearhouse offers a good selection of men and women’s soccer sandals for you to choose from. Like any form of athletic flip flop, soccer slides can be worn casually, just about anywhere. Wear them around the house, outside, or while watching soccer (though they may not be the best choice when playing an actual soccer game)! All of our soccer sandals come in multiple sizes, so we’re sure you’ll find a pair that fits. Be sure to pick up a pair of soccer slides to go along with your soccer cleats from Soccer Wearhouse.


Can I wear soccer sandals during a soccer match?

Maybe if you’re watching from the sidelines, but it’s probably best not to wear your soccer sandals while playing a soccer match. Traditional soccer cleats are designed to protect the user’s foot while adding the ability to grip the earth when turning on a dime. Soccer sandals offer neither grips nor protection, so they are not suitable game footwear.

What brands of soccer sandals are available at Soccer Wearhouse?

Out of the soccer sandals that we currently have in stock at Soccer Wearhouse, you’ll be able to choose from Nike or Adidas brand sandals. Our team is constantly updating our inventory, so be sure to check in often for new soccer slides and other pieces of soccer apparel.

Do soccer sandals come in different sizes?

Yes! When you choose a pair of soccer sandals from our online store, you’ll be prompted to pick a size that fits you best before checking out. You can choose to add multiple sizes or even multiple pairs of the same size to your chart if you’re ordering for more than one person (maybe even the entire team?).

Do you offer soccer sandals for women?

All of our soccer sandals are unisex, so soccer players of any gender can choose whichever pair they want. When you choose which soccer flip flop is your favorite, keep an eye on the sizing chart to determine which size will fit your feet.

When do soccer players wear soccer sandals?

Most soccer players keep a pair of soccer sandals in the locker room. After practice or a match, players will slide on their soccer sandals while showering to avoid stepping on the dirty floors. This ultimately reduces the risk of foot fungus. Soccer sandals can also be worn in just about any casual scenario, be it around the house or outside.

Why are soccer sandals sometimes called soccer slides?

It’s quite simple really. The reason soccer sandals are sometimes called soccer slides is because of how easy it is for players to slide them onto their feet. Soccer sandals, soccer slides and soccer flip flops are all common terms used to describe the same type of casual footwear.