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Mueller Jumper Knee Strap (Black)

Medical Accessories for Soccer - Mouth Guards, Ankle Tape, and More
Soccer Wearhouse
2024-05-30 02:35
Relieve pain from frequent running and jumping with this Black Mueller Knee Strap, OSFM. It has a tubular insert to help improve patellar tracking by targeting pressure on the tendon just below the kneecap. It's available in a universal one-size-fits-most design and in a stylish black color. This sports knee strap is treated with an antibacterial coating that helps to control and eliminate odors.
Mueller Knee Strap, Black, OSFM:
  • Relieves patellar pain from frequent running or jumping
  • Tubular insert helps improve patellar tracking by targeting mild pressure on the patella tendon, just below the kneecap
  • Antimicrobial treated to control or eliminate odors, staining and deterioration caused by bacteria and microorganisms
  • Easy to apply by fastening below the kneecap
  • Jumping knee strap is constructed of a neoprene blend
  • Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent, rinse thoroughly and air dry
  • Fits either left or right knee
  • One size fits most