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Puma Orbita La Liga 1 FIFA Pro Official Match Ball (Puma White/Beetroot Purple)

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2024-07-20 12:38

This is the new PUMA Orbita soccer ball – With powerful visuals inspired by the hypnotic effect of a kaleidoscope, the design proposal for the new ball accelerates the game in a world infused with football culture. This ball reflects the healthy obsession that football provokes in all football fans,
its attractive and hypnotic design means that 'when it's not in the feet, it's in the head', and remains
in the minds of players and fans alike. The Orbita model offers a unique configuration of 12 large star-shaped panels which, by reducing the number of seams, allows for a better connection with the ball. The ORBITA incorporates state-of-the-art technology to create the optimal sphericity, maintaining ball shape and allowing for less water absorption. A POE foam is added to the new ball to increase touch sensitivity for a firmer feel and better bounce consistency. In addition, the 1.2mm textured 3D PU surface improves aerodynamics and makes it more resistant to abrasion and wear, resulting in increased durability. The ball also features a rubber bladder and PAL (PUMA Air Lock) valve for optimal air retention and rebound properties.

Product Code: 083864 01