By Soccer Wearhouse

$ 85
Palm of Glove: S1 SUPER SOFT is a high quality palm, delivering very good results in terms of grip and cushioning as well as reliable abrasion resistance. EVOLUTION NEGATIVE CUT ESS Negatively-stitched version of the Evolution Cut. The latex is seamlessly rolled around the fingertips for a tight fit, best ball control and maximized latex-to-ball contact area. ESS CUT (Ergonomic Support System) A pattern and cut that helps splay the fingers and conform the hand for catching.
Backhand: NEOPRENE ASYMMETRICAL SLIP-ON CUFF with integrated strap and rubber ender. Helps protect the wrist area with longer coverage. BACKHAND Perforated Neoprene with silicone accents. LIGHTNESS By combining innovative materials we created our lightest professional goalkeeper gloveline ever. BREATHABILITY perforated upper materials guarantee unlimited air circulation and constant ventilation.
Construction: FREEFLEX snug fitting, extremely flexible one-piece backhand that provides pure second skin feel. EXTENDED LOWER PALM AREA brings the foam palm lower to help with ball control. 3D THUMB CROTCH offers rolled crotch construction eliminating open seams which tear more easily along with an ergonomic fit and maximum comfort.
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